• 9 November 2023

    C4N-NIPN at the EC-NIS Annual Gathering

    C4N-NIPN Global Coordination had the pleasure of attending the EC-NIS Annual Gathering on ‘Strengthening Nutrition Information Systems in Countries’, which took place in Lao PDR from 23 to 27 October 2023. C4N-NIPN participated in a panel discussion on implementation and best practices around collaboration between EC-NIS and NIPN in Lao PDR, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Aside from attending the Annual Gathering, colleagues participated in field visits to different health facilities in Luang Prabang to see EC-NIS implementation. NIPN and EC-NIS continue their joint efforts to strengthen nutrition information systems, enhancing each other’s contribution and impact.

  • 7 November 2023

    NIPN Ethiopia at the Micronutrient Forum

    NIPN Ethiopia participated in the 6th Global Conference of the Micronutrient Forum, which took place from 16 to 20 October 2023, in The Hague, the Netherlands. At the conference, NIPN Ethiopia presented insights into addressing micronutrient deficiency in Ethiopia through the promotion of nutrient-dense crops and value chains, discussing both the challenges and opportunities in this regard, as part of the side event ‘Boosting national commitments and regional value chains through strong partnerships with donors’ support to reduce micronutrient deficiencies.’ Furthermore, four posters were presented, showcasing NIPN research studies. The event was attended in person and virtually by representatives from the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, International Food Policy Research Institute, the Federal Ministry of Health, the European Commission, and GIZ, among others.

    Read more HERE

  • 31 October 2023

    NIPN Guatemala presents at the XX Congress of the Latin American Society of Nutrition

    The 20th Congress of the Latin American Society of Nutrition was held from 21 to 26 October in Cuenca, Ecuador, with the purpose to foster nutrition knowledge, encourage collaboration among researchers, and propose alternative solutions to enhance the nutritional status of the Latin American population. Over 700 professionals in nutrition and related fields participated in the event.

    Eduardo Say, NIPN Guatemala coordinator, presented the paper ‘Data and Information Management: Evidence-Based Decision Making’ and shared experiences of NIPN Guatemala. CATIE Guatemala representative, Julio Lopez, highlighted that events like the congress are valuable platforms to showcase successful practices in the country, in order to facilitate informed decision-making in nutrition policies, as well as to discuss essential challenges and opportunities in promoting data-driven processes.

    Read more HERE.

  • 25 October 2023

    C4N-NIPN at the 51st Committee on World Food Security

    C4N-NIPN is pleased to share insights from the side-event co-hosted with EC-NIS and the 50x2030 initiative. The event, entitled ‘What it takes: from effective data generation to use to drive better policies and programmes in food security and nutrition’, took place at the 51st Committee on World Food Security.

    Key takeaways from the event underscore the continuous nature of efforts to strengthen data capabilities. Additionally, prioritising data quality, adapting to different contexts, and collaborating with a broad range of sectoral departments is essential. Investing in sharing knowledge between countries and data initiatives is key. Furthermore, multisectoral platforms offer significant opportunities. Challenges include data rigor, effective communication with policymakers, using data for early crisis detection, and integrating data investment into national budgets. Ultimately, ‘what gets measured gets done’ highlights the pivotal role of data in driving action and progress.

    The recording of the side event can be found HERE.

  • 26 September 2023

    NIPN Contribution Study out now

    C4N-NIPN Global Coordination has commissioned the N4D group to conduct a contribution study to assess the performance of the NIPN initiative and the extent to which its activities have contributed to strengthening the nutrition data environment.  The objectives of the contribution study were: 

    • to assess the level of achievement of NIPN outputs during phase 1;
    • to understand the extent to which NIPN is contributing to changes (positive or negative) into nutrition data environment in countries;
    • to provide actionable recommendations that inform the future implementation.

    The report can be downloaded HERE.

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