Presentation of the NIPN Sub-national Dashboard

The Lancet Nutrition Framework was the starting point for the development of the NIPN Dashboard.

The framework sets out the basic, underlying and immediate determinants of undernutrition. It also lists the nutrition-sensitive and nutrition-specific interventions which are known to be effective in addressing these determinants.

The framework helps to describe the multisectoral pathways that contribute to undernutrition and the range of programmes and actions relating to different sectors which contribute to nutrition improvements.

The indicators of the NIPN Dashboard are categorised in domains which directly reflect the Lancet Nutrition Framework. There are two differences though:

  • The NIPN Dashboard adds an important element: “Finance for nutrition”.
  • The NIPN Dashboard merges “basic” and “underlying” causes into one domain.

The visual below illustrates the construction of the NIPN Dashboard and the images underneath show the content of the NIPN Dashboard.

How has the NIPN Sub-national Dashboard been built?

Watch the video.

Visualisation of the NIPN Dashboard template
PDF - 270.4 kb

Note: data in the template are not real data.