Templates to produce the NIPN Sub-national Dashboard

The Dashboard is meant to be a flexible tool, which can be altered dependent on the priorities and focus of the policy dialogue in a specific country. NIPN country teams, in close collaboration with the MAC, will have to decide which indicators they want to keep, remove or add to their dashboard based on the defined priorities.
An Excel template forms the basis of this NIPN sub-national nutrition dashboard. The macros included in the Excel template allow for rapid and easy production of a country-specific dashboard, and should not be altered.
Each NIPN country has received a customised Excel template, including its country map with a first level of sub-national administrative divisions.
The Excel template has been completed with data from an anonymous country to provide a mock display on the dashboard.


  • Each country must replace the mock data with its own, real data to produce its sub-national dashboard.
  • It is recommended to keep a back up of the original Excel template, at all times, in case unintended alterations damage the macros or corrupt the template.
NIPN Sub-national Dashboard Excel template

Download the Excel template.


  • Data in the template are not real data
  • Excel 2016 is needed to use the map of the dashboard